I think it was the cross country moves that made me realize selling Real Estate could be a great career.   I started my professional life in marketing in Tampa Florida working for Metropolitan Insurance.  After about four years in Tampa I was asked to be part of a team who would open up the San Francisco office.  Being single, I jumped at the chance for this extraordinary opportunity.  Marketing, however, was far from my only job responsibility.  I found myself choosing carpet colors, deciding how many phone lines to have installed and how the pencils were going to get from the supply room to the work stations.    The learning opportunities were endless and I thoroughly enjoyed each of them.  Eventually, the office was up and running with the number of employees growing from 6 to over 400.   Life settled down and I was back in marketing which is where my education was. 

I moved to Atlanta to get married, 20 years now if you are wondering how old I am, and oddly enough, Metropolitan was willing to transfer me to help open up the Atlanta office.  Well, I had experience now so they were lucky to have me.   A few years later our daughter, Sara, arrived and I was ready to stay at home for a while and be a full time mom.  When Sara started school I decided to go into Real Estate to help others do the things I had done so many times before; move.  I understood the issues and concerns of moving and buying and selling homes and felt I had a lot to offer.  I wished so many times I had had a real estate agent who truly cared for my best interest when I sold my first home in Tampa Florida.  A few good answers could have saved me a lot of stress and money. 

So here I am still in Metro Atlanta, not the same house, selling real estate and loving it as much today as I did in the beginning.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me a little and I hope I have the opportunity to get to know you even better.